Bear State 

High School

The intent of Bear State is develop in state lacrosse athletes and prepare them for success in both High School and the next level.



Payment plans available.

What's included:

Our HS teams will attend three tournaments:

This summer we'll form two teams:

Team 1: Varsity (Comprised of rising 10-12th graders)

Team 2: Junior Varsity (Comprised of rising 9-11th graders)

If your son is a rising 9th grader, but qualifies for U14, that is an option as well. Check this chart here: 

Each team will have a roster minimum of 15 and maximum of 22.

Our Staff:

Our HS program will have a dedicated coaching staff led by Coach Dave and Coach Nolan with various college coach guests throughout the summer.


May 23: Player assessment and placement

May 25: First team practice

Practices will be held Tuesday & Thursdays from 6-8 pm and Saturdays from 8-10 am. 

Practice locations won't be set until May.