Lacrosse recruitment in our eyes is first and foremost about the best academic fit, then culture and affordability. We will never push your sons to play college lacrosse to fill quotas or impressions on social media. Playing lacrosse at the next level can come with additional financial burdens and responsibilities and our aim is to arm families with this information as they navigate through the recruiting process.

There are many great opportunities to play lacrosse after high school and we encourage our athletes to pursue the best fit for them that ultimately helps them achieve their future career goals.

We use FieldLevel to facilitate conversations between our athletes and college coaches nationwide. Our High School club members receive a paid FieldLevel subscription with their summer.

Over the years we've had countless athletes receive offers at all levels of play, most do not accept the offers due to a variety of reasons. The main reason is financial, full-ride scholarships are virtually non-existent in Lacrosse.