Spring Season

Join the Ozark Mountain Lacrosse's Spring League and see why lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country!

This Spring all practices and games will be 100% local to NW Arkansas.

Lacrosse is played with a stick or "crosse" and a hard rubber ball. Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport filled with lots of fun! Crossover skills from football, basketball, soccer and hockey can be used to pick up this sport - no experience is necessary. Younger participants play a modified version with limited contact.

A USA Lacrosse membership valid through June 2023 (available at usalacrosse.com) is required PRIOR to registering. You will be required to provide your membership number and expiration date at time of registration.

Registration is open to boys in Washington and Benton counties in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Registration opened Wednesday, October 19, 2022 and is ongoing.

Teams will be formed based on the number of boys enrolled. Practices begin in late February and the season ends in May.

We have a professional coaching staff with years of lacrosse knowledge.

Registration cost to play for Kindergarteners is $150 ($125 Registration + $25 Uniform Fee) and 1st-8th grades is $235 ($190 Registration + $45 Uniform fee). Registration fees cover field rentals, coaches, referees, field equipment and end of season awards

We do have limited equipment for checkout, but no shoulder pads. This gear is available on a first come, first serve basis on designated gear checkout dates. In most cases, players will need to provide their own lacrosse equipment. Please visit our gear guide by Clicking Here

Click here to read the club policies in the policy section of our website for more information about refunds, weather, code and attendance.

For more information about youth boys lacrosse and/or if you are interested in coaching a team, please email info@ozmolacrosse.com.

Visit each clubs page below for more specific information on each clubs plans for the Spring.

Season Layout

For 2023, we are building a local Spring lacrosse league to make the game more accessible, fun and grow the game at a faster rate.

To achieve this we've established the four city based clubs and selected a director for each club, that is charged with growing awareness and recruiting in their assigned area.

For year one of the OzMo Spring League we'll field the following teams in their respective divisions:

Kindergarten (U6) Division:

Rules and layout: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HQ4Z8hT8a2C8Ndwhztr1v3V8zHh0QnShnQpez1JYhLQ/edit?usp=sharing

The U6 division will be an introduction to lacrosse. These teams will practice once per week on Tuesday nights for approximately one hour. Their Saturday games will be shortened and include ample breaks to keep the kids focused. The U6 will use a short field and a 3v3 format with no goalies. 4 players minimum per team.

1st & 2nd (U8) Grade Division:

Rules and layout: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KE-QNfQzF_BEacRtloD3a5CVqetHLnAXAVOT7-WMREw/edit?usp=sharing

The U8 division is our first step in to more serious lacrosse. These teams will practice twice per week for approximately one hour. Their Saturday games will be played 4v4, with 4x4 goals and no goalies. 5 players minimum per team.

3rd & 4th (U10) Grade Division:

Rules and layout: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iin_GdgUvvauC-ehfEmpKNimZTQ5N0a71a_UWCuPrM4/edit?usp=sharing

The U10 division uses 6x6 goals, in a 5v5 format with no goalies. Like U6 & U8 there will be no offsides in this format. These teams will practice twice per week for approximately one and half hours. 6 players minimum per team.

5th & 6th (U12) Grade Division:

Rules and layout: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pd4v4ylRFzp2eZsl65KDo2dCsShADbQSiGfphLuXqSM/edit?usp=sharing

The U12 division uses 6x6 goals, in a 7v7 format including goalies. Long poles are not permitted in this division. This division will introduce offsides. These teams will practice twice per week for approximately one and half hours. 8 players minimum per team.

7th & 8th (U14) Grade Division:

Rules and layout: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qsROwiNke5XGwLNBezFq8OsCVUq1cJVrYpQH2ssUY9c/edit?usp=sharing

The U14 division uses 6x6 goals, in a 10v10 format including goalies and utilizing modified NFHS HS rules. A maximum of 4 long poles are permitted on the field at a time in this division. These teams will practice twice per for approximately 2 hours. A third practice is permitted at the coach's discretion. 11 players minimum per team.

**Please note that just 5 players per grade, per city, will be more than enough to fill these teams. 

This format is scalable, so we will simply form more teams with more players as needed.  

Our goal for year 2 will be to move to 10v10 for our U14 division.**

Important Dates

First Practice Permitted: March 1, 2024

Spring Break - No Lacrosse: March 18-22, 2024

First Game Day: March 9, 2024

Game make-up day: May 4, 2024

Last Possible Practice: May 9, 2024

End of season tournament: May 11-12, 2024


If your son is a goalie use the code 'Goalie' for $30 off.

If you have multiple children registered for the Spring season, use the code 'Sibling' for $25 off.

The third child in each family plays free, please email us for a family-specific code.